Hello again! I'm Anne

A video/motion editor turned UX designer. I’m currently working towards a Masters of Information at UofT, specializing in UX Design.

Hierve el Agua, Mexico

Curiosity drives me - I'm forever learning, exploring, and trying to understand the "why" behind the problem. I'm unafraid to ask questions, and believe that having a diverse and empathic understanding of a problem is the key to reaching innovative and impactful solutions.

Through my rich experience in filmmaking, I understand the value of storytelling in the design process, which helps me continue to advocate for the user.

I strive to design experiences that are not only functional, but are easy and exciting to use, empower users, and are accessible to everyone.

When I’m not designing...
When I’m not designing you might find me:

Salsa dancing in Toronto’s incredible latin dance scene

Watching a Raptors game

Playing Settlers of Catan

Learning cool new Webflow techniques

Listening to way too many podcasts (Let me know if you ever need a recommendation!)

Working on a crafty DIY project